cursus en 5 ans

Undergraduate studies

Training for engineering career

Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate studies

The first year of the CESI undergraduate program covers the common core as well as the prerequisites for the Computer Science, Engineering, Civil engineering & Construction, and Embedded Systems Master’s programs.

CESI professors and staff conduct individualized advisory sessions with first-year students in order to support them as they adapt to the rhythm of higher education and identify their career objectives.

The program is based on experimentation, with the aim of introducing students to the four different Master’s programs and supporting them in their professional goals.

choice your minor

During the second year of the undergraduate program, students begin to specialize in one of the four scientific areas by choosing a minor.

The minor provides the scientific and technical knowledge related to the corresponding Master’s program and prepares students to apply for a three-month  internship during the spring semester.

Undergraduate Course in Apprenticeship

The Undergraduate Course in apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to prepare in two years your admission to the school and/or to obtain a level 5 title (bac +2)Apprentices are supervised both by CESI and by their host company. They are supported at each stage of their progress. This CESI Undergraduate Course in apprenticeship gives a very hands-on approach and improves their chances of success.

The learning approach to make a difference

In the preparatory cycle for engineering apprenticeship, you share your time between your studies and your work within a company; a system that offers you a full sandwich course in engineering and a first rewarding professional experience.


  • A two-year program, preparing students for graduate studies in engineering.
  • An Undergraduate program to give you  the scientific and technical training you need as well as interpersonal skills necessary on the field.  
  • In the spring semester of the second year, you will get the chance to have a hands-on professional experience in your field during a three-month internship that will be counted for credit.


  • 2 years
  • 42 weeks  of CESI courses
  • 600 hours of training
  • 800 hours of specialized courses
  • 54 weeks in the workplace
  • A combination of 1 to 2 weeks on campus and 1 to 2 weeks in the company.

Three possible options

  • Manager in Industrial Organization and Performance
    Arras and Brest Campuses
  • Quality – Safety – Environment Coordinator
    Arras and Saint-Nazaire Campus
  • Building site manager
    Angoulême and Brest Campuses

These choices correspond to cutting-edge careers in today’s and tomorrow’s company.


At the end of the program, obtain a level 5 degree , registered in the French National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP)