CESI assists you in four areas of expertise: Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT & Digital, HR & Management, through a complete offer of degree and certificate-level programmes.

A wide and diversified programme offer

CESI assists you in four areas of expertise: Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT & Digital, HR & Management, through a complete offer of degree and certificate-level programmes.

  • ‘Grande École’ Programme (Master’s Degree)
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programme
  • Higher Vocational Education Programme
  • Mastère Spécialisé® Programme, an Executive Master programme
  • PhD Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Undergraduate Programmes
  • Programmes for International Students

Innovative teaching methods and spaces

As a student, you become a pro-actor of your training by having free access to the different learning environments and equipment on campus. On our campuses, we provide you with classrooms that have been transformed into multimedia meeting rooms.

These rooms offer new layouts for learning spaces: flexible furniture, digital equipment and tools that encourage collaborative work and creativity between students… You will be seated in small groups around a table to encourage mutual exchange.

Inclusion for all

As a continuation of our actions to promote inclusion, we are committed to an integration process of our students. Joining CESI means entering a campus that meets accessibility standards for people with disabilities, accessing personalised facilities and support in your endeavours with companies.

A thriving community life on campus!

The teaching staff and students are the players of the daily life at CESI’s campuses. Events are organised throughout the year to stimulate and develop cohesion and good community life. They aim to assist you in your professional career, to enhance your knowledge and skills as well as your business expertise: conferences, Job Dating, meetings on current topics, company presentations, etc.

You can also actively participate in the community life on campus, in particular through events and projects allowing the integration of a maximum number of students on various themes.

Discover our campuses

CESI has recently opened a new chapter in its history: since the summer 2021, we have been welcoming you to a new campus located on a strategic axis of the Aix-en-Provence business centre. With many companies in the area, you will be at the heart of the region’s economic activity.

CESI’s campus in Angoulême offers a connected and sustainable environment, and optimal training conditions for students and company employees, being equipped with one 4234 m2 building that can accommodate 600 students, 28 classrooms, including 8 classrooms organised in pods for collaborative work under project mode, two computer rooms, including one lab dedicated to Computer Science training courses, one conference room, one FabLab, but also spaces for relaxation and mutual exchange.

CESI’s campus in Arras has a building divided into several spaces (classrooms, living spaces, Research platform, employee offices, patio, car parks, among others).
Themes related to nature, the universe and science are represented in the key areas of the school, through different works painted throughout the building.

Since its establishment in 1973, Bordeaux’s campus has developed and has been able to meet the requirements of industrial companies in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Its ideal location in the Chartrons district, just a few minutes away from the square Place de la Bourse, with direct access by tram from Saint-Jean station, will allow you to progress in a dynamic environment in the centre of Bordeaux.

Established since 2014 at the tip of Brittany, CESI’s campus in Brest benefits from a technological environment, scientific expertise and an outstanding ecosystem. Choosing to come and study in Brest means choosing a stimulating and rewarding community life to prepare your future.

Since 2014, CESI’s campus in Dijon has been meeting the skills needs of companies in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region, and training students for the professions of tomorrow. Every year, new training courses start on campus.

Since 2014, CESI’s campus in La Rochelle has assumed a position as a key player in local higher education. Thanks to active teaching methods, which are at the heart of CESI’s identity, this is how the La Rochelle campus provides you with tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Created in 1972, CESI’s campus in Le Mans accounts for 3 600 m2 of facilities located in the heart of the university district, with optimal training conditions for young people, employees and local companies, offering a connected and sustainable environment.

Originally established in Écully since 1964, CESI’s campus of Lyon has been settled in brand-new facilities in Villeurbanne since September 2021, in the heart of La Doua scientific centre, near INSA and the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1. 

Established in Montpellier for 30 years, CESI has opened a new chapter in its history and welcomes you since 2019 on its new campus in Mauguio, near the airport and only 10 minutes away from the beach. Students evolve in a building with a surface area of 1 885 m², comprising 23 training rooms, creativity spaces, a state-of-the-art digital fabrication workshop (FabLab) and a modular auditorium.

CESI’s campus of Nancy was created in 1984. At the request of the Employment Department, the engineering program through ongoing training was launched in 1986 in order to keep up the retraining efforts undertaken by the Lorraine region. Since then, the centre has grown in size and expertise, ensuring a large part of CESI’s programme offer.

CESI’s campus in Paris-Nanterre accounts for 10 000 m² to serve your training. Organised into four separate buildings (buildings 1 & 2, reserved for the educational and administrative divisions, and buildings 3 & 4, dedicated to research demonstrators), the Paris-Nanterre campus welcomes more than 3 400 students undergoing training per year.

CESI’s campus in Nantes is located in the heart of the Chantrerie district and offers optimal training conditions for young people, employees and local companies in a connected and sustainable environment.

Since August 2021, CESI’s campus of Nice has been settled in the brand-new Campus Sud des Métiers, the place of reference for apprenticeship across Côte d’Azur. Students evolve in a building with a surface area of 1 705 m², comprising 17 classrooms, creativity spaces and a state-of-the-art digital fabrication workshop (FabLab). A cafeteria and co-working space are also available.

CESI has been active in Orléans since 1985 and settled on the University campus since 2014. With 12 classrooms, 2 computer rooms, 1 creativity room and 1 FabLab, the first building offers 398 places over its 1 200 m².

CESI’s campus of Pau, with a building in Pau Orbigny and a second one in Assat, welcomes you in 4 300 m² of modern and comfortable facilities, equipped with all the latest technologies. At this school, established since 2002 near many local companies, you will evolve in a dynamic ecosystem.

Established in Reims since 1991, CESI’s Reims campus has based the development of its activities on the harmonious combination of a double goal, both human and economic: to enhance people’s skills through training and to encourage the performance of companies by helping their employees evolve. Nowadays, this school is a major player in what is known as ‘lifelong learning’.

CESI’s campus of Rouen is located on the Madrillet campus in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, near the city centre of Rouen. Located less than two hours away from Paris and the sea, in a dynamic university town with a major research centre, the campus offers an ideal study setting.

CESI’s campus in Saint-Nazaire is a building with nearly 3 000 m² of living space, which can accommodate approximately 500 students. Our school provides optimal training conditions for students and companies in the Pays de la Loire region by offering a connected and sustainable environment.

Established in Alsace since 1971 at the request of local companies, CESI’s campus of Strasbourg welcomes nearly 900 students each year to the Parc des Tanneries in Lingolsheim. Located at the heart of a dynamic region, on the borders of four European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium), Strasbourg stands out for the wealth of its international exchange programmes and for its world-famous and admired heritage.

Established since 1991 in the heart of the Labège-Innopole business park, CESI’s campus in Toulouse is located in a fast-developing area with strong economic and entrepreneurial potential. Since the school is near many companies, this will immerse you in the heart of the region’s economic activity.