Summer School

Driven by our  values and known for its ability to innovate as well as our commitment to the ecological transition, CESI is organizing a three-week Summer School (July 10 to 28, 2023) to raise awareness of current challenges and to promote sustainable development.

Attend the CESI Summer School and get involved in the ecological transition

THE CESI Summer School IN Paris

Designed for French and international students  studying engineering,    get ready to tackle sustainable construction issues in the heart of a smart city.

CESI’s aim is to facilitate exchange and discussion between

French and international students from all backgrounds on topics such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), smartcities, eco-neighborhoods and de-carbonization innovations. This Summer School will not only allow you to discover new technologies and approaches to eco-construction, but will also offer you the opportunity to participate in conferences and workshops led   by renowned experts in their field. Visits to companies, laboratories and emblematic locations in Paris will complete the Program. 

Application for the CESI Summer School on sustainable construction are now open !

Three weeks of Summer School to discover and learn

For three weeks in Paris, July 10 to 28, 2023, you will :

  • Learn in an intercultural environment
  • Enhance your knowledge of BIM modelling and 3D printing construction techniques
  • Discover new scientific and professional approaches to sustainable construction
  • Familiarize yourself with the innovative technological start-up movement known as French Tech
  • Participate in cultural and technical visits in Paris and La Rochelle (eco-neighborhoods, companies, laboratories).
  • Attend conferences on climate issues and decarbonization
  • Visit emblematic locations in Paris such as the future Olympic Village for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

Download Summer School CESI’s schedule.

Students who successfully complete the Summer School will receive, a certificate of achievement and 4 ECTS credits.

A certificate of achievement confirming participation and attendance will also be given at the end of the Program.

This Summer School is an excellent way to share ideas and best practices to fight against environmental degradation. This is why CESI, in partnership with companies, is organizing an educational event that will allow participants to take action in response to climate change urgency.

Massinissa Benabdellouahed, Head of Studies

Join the CESI Summer School in July 2023

CESI Summer School isdesigned for students who are concluding their Bachelor’s Degree in engineering and who wish to develop expertise in sustainable construction. Interested Master and PhD students are also eligible. A B1 level in English is required to attend, and good academic performance in corescientific areas is recommended.

Date : July 10 to 28, 2023

Application process

To apply to the CESI Summer School, submit :

  • A cover letter
  • A CV
  • An identity document

Application deadline :  June 15th

Useful information : €1 500 per person, including taxes.

*Tuition includes course fees, teaching materials and cultural visits. Accommodation, living expenses, insurance and visa expenses are not included.

In July 2023, CESI will hold a summer school on the challenges of smart cities and eco-construction.  Taught in English, the program will focus on the technologies and know-how necessary to build a more sustainable future.

« The CESI Summer School in the field of BIM and eco-construction is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, information and experiences »

Ali Mahfoud, BIM-CIM architect manager