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Do you want to study engineering in English in France? Are you currently enrolled in a scientific high school diploma ?

Join an Engineering Program in English at CESI !

Build a path towards excellence in three years at CESI

As an English-speaking student at CESI, you have the opportunity to build a path towards excellence in three years thanks to :

  • An admission in a Master’s Degree of Engineering in English, in 25 campuses in France
  • A specialization between :
  • Various in-company experiences that allow students to apply their acquired knowledge in a professional context
  • One or two options in the final year to complete your studies

Problem and Project Based Learning

Did you know? We have chosen to use active pedagogy (Problem and Project Based Learning) to increase the skills of our students. This teaching method is close to the way an engineer works in a company.

Are you interested in one of our engineering courses ?