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2021 Top Engineering School rankings: Le Figaro and L’Etudiant publish their rankings

Find out the rankings of the 2021 Engineering Schools in Le Figaro and l’Etudiant.

Le Figaro

On 15. December 2020, Le Figaro published its 2021 list of engineering schools in which CESI Graduate School of Engineering ranks alongside quality schools:


That same week, L’Etudiant also published its annual top ten list.

CESI Graduate School of Engineering is ranked 72nd out of 168 schools in the general ranking and remains in the lead in the “Apprenticeship” category.

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CESI Graduate School of Engineering is positioned at the top of the table in the following categorical rankings:

  • 1st position on the criteria «Number of students in work-study programs» (+2 places)
  • 1st position of schools integrating students with High School Diploma (BAC), High School Diploma in Engineering (STI2D), Two-year Advanced Technical Diploma (BTS) and Two-year University Diploma in Technological Sciences DUT (=)
  • 3rd position on the criteria «Number of integrated students via parallel admissions “.
  • 3rd position of schools hosting business forums (=)
  • 4th position on the criteria “Number of alumni on LinkedIn” (=)
  • 1st place when combining «Students in work-study programs ” and ” Job opportunities in the building and construction industry ” (+2 places)
  • 3rd position when combining “number of work-study student «and “Automobile, aeronautics, naval and railway industry”.