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Monique Yuija Tian, by telling her story, describes her international career, between China and France, her learning of the French language, and her choice of CESI Graduate School of Engineering, with the opportunity to discover and experiment with multiple technologies.

An international career

I am a 5th year student at CESI engineering school, a generalist course on the Paris-Nanterre campus. I completed the B2 language certificate after studying French for one year in Strasbourg, France in 2016. Thereafter, I attended the two-year integrated preparatory class on the Campus of CESI Strasbourg. During the second semester of the fourth year, I attended equipment and teaching activities in our FabLab. I had the opportunity to use 3D printing, laser cutting and other professional equipment. Last year I returned to China for a work placement at Dongyang Mold Manufacturing. After graduation, I completed another four-month internship with an outdoor equipment company in Germany

Monique Yuija Tian

Therefore, CESI students are in direct contact with very relevant and topical engineering projects. The internships we complete in companies and sectors appropriate to our course of study are a significant way of acquiring experience.